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The latest news of Keshen

According to the popular concept of "prosthesis by bed" in foreign countries, prosthesis installation should be carried out about 2 weeks after amputation, including limb plasticity and functional exercise. However, there are high requirements for equipment, site and technology, which have not been carried out in China. But some are already being introduced. Such as amputation of the early installation of temporary prosthesis technology. Early prosthetic installation plays a unique role in the success of rehabilitation. Not only can you apply proper pressure to the stump, but you can also allow the amputee to walk as early as possible, to determine whether the patient has the ability to stand and walk, and to try out various knee joints and prosthetic feet.
Keshen is currently the first company in Shanghai to introduce an imported temporary prosthetic device, a reusable treatment device that is made up of two parts, one of which is a prefabricated frame that can bear the weight of the bone and the other of the foot. The other part consists of a pressure sleeve and a barometer. The principle is to use a pneumatic sleeve to compress the residual limb to prevent edema. At the same time, through the adjustment of the pneumatic gauge, the assembly is relaxed, helping the patient to achieve the function of standing and moving at an early stage, which has a very positive significance for the exercise of the patient's balance ability, the recovery of the good physical condition of the residual limbs and the early psychological rehabilitation. It works well in practice. Patients who have been fitted with temporary prosthetics can quickly adapt to the installation of formal prostheses. The adaptability of the residual limb is greatly improved, and there are few symptoms of skin abrasion and pain of the residual limb.