Chinese Academy of Sclences

Shanghai Municipal Govemment has identified
the high-tech enterprises of prosthetice

Since 1963, the reserch work of myoelectric prostheses was started in Shanghai Institute of Physiology, Chinese Acadmay of Science, Professor Luo Yongzhao is the leader of this group. It is the first one who provide the first myoelectric hand with one degree of freedom to three degrees of freedom arm. Lots of awards was on it and since 1992, there establish a company limited name Shanghai Kesheng Prsotheses Co.,Ltd. It provide its quality prostheses abroad then. Keshen is the lable.

As the exhibitor of each ISPO World Congress and Rehatechnik & Orthotics Germany, Keshen provide its myoelectric prostheses varied from wrist disarticulation to Shoulder disarticulatioin. Its custom came from Amercan, Europe, Asia and middle East. Its quality and function is well known in field of hand manufactory.

Keshen establish the quality system of ISO9001 and ISO13485. Also CE certified for its artificial hands. It is the "Key Products" of the National proved by gornerment.

As the result of Keshen, there are 90% of upper limb amputee use the myoelectric hand made in China instead of come from abroad.  Keshen make it his task to provide the myoelectric prostheses to more and more patients, For bettery life  of more and more amputees..