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Shanghai Kesheng Prosthetic Technology Co., Ltd.

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Keshen provides a complete series of Upper limb prostheses . suitable from half palm amputation to total arm amputation,including electric,myoelectric, cable and cosmetic prostheses.As the Director of Keshen,Prof. Luo Yongzhao initialed Chinese myoelctric prostheses development since 1963 in Institute of Physiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Now Keshen is the leading upper limb prostheses manufactory in China.
Keshen is the only one manufactory of upper limb prostheses as the high-tech company proved by government , and Keshen was first to get the ISO9001 ,ISO13485 and CE certificate of upper limb prostheses manufacturer in China. Keshen is constantly innovating to create a better life for disabled people.

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